Can You Get Your Security Deposit Back After Smoking? Here’s How

Living in an apartment, you have to follow certain rules that help to maintain the condition of the space that you’re renting. This is also why you need to give a security deposit in case you incur some damages to the property that will affect its value and the living conditions of the next renter.

Smoking is especially prohibited inside apartments since it can leave an odor that’s quite hard to remove and can be a cause for concern to most potential tenants. After all, not everyone can live with the smell of smoke inside their homes, especially those who have allergies or asthma.

So, if you’re about to move out and there’s an unmistakable smell of smoke in your apartment, you might be scared that you’re not going to get your security deposit back. But here are some tips that will help you secure that deposit after smoking in your unit:

Read your lease agreement.

While it’s common knowledge that smoking is prohibited inside an apartment unit, smoking once may not be enough reason for your landlord to keep your money.

In most cases, landlords will use that hint of smoke smell to hold your security deposit. But according to the law, you are only held accountable for smoking inside the apartment if the landlord has spent time and money in remedying the smell.

Take time to clean your home.

When you’ve decided to move out, make sure that you declutter and clean the space. Hire professionals to deep clean the apartment if you have the budget or do it yourself if you don’t.

It would also help to have an ozone generator to remove apartment odor and treat the entire space to remove any other odors that could make you liable. If your landlord sees that everything is clean and tidy, he would have no reason to hold your security deposit.

Make sure that the space smells and feels inviting.

After getting rid of things that you won’t be bringing to your new place and cleaning the entire apartment from top to bottom, it’s time to prepare it for the walkthrough. If you’ve already moved out most of your things, you can use a room spray to give the space a fresh and clean smell.

Once your landlord does the walkthrough before you move out, a good smell is a great way to tell him that you’ve taken good care of the space. That will make it easier for him to decide to give your security deposit back even after you smoked in the apartment.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding ways to make your rental apartment look ready for its next occupant. Think of it like you’re the new renter. How would you want to move into an apartment?

You probably wouldn’t like smelling smoke or any odor and looking at a dirty apartment. So, make sure that you invest time and resources to make it look and feel ready.

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